As partner of Deco West Inc. Glass and Growlers was established in 2014 with the sole focus of facilitating and providing factory direct pricing to the Craft Brewery Industries. As an American factory, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, we provide custom printed containers and decorated drink ware to an extensive list of customers throughout the United States and abroad. All decorating processes offered have been lab tested for safety and our facilities are continuously audited for ethical and social compliance in our business practices. We screen print in ceramic enamels and organic epoxy, each with project specific benefits and both dishwasher durable. Glass and Growlers offers a full service art team that is ready to bring to life your vision of a new brand. Either utilizing your established logos or reimagining your brand, we provide all necessary support to produce top quality branded glasses and growlers that you and your team will be proud to serve and display.

Glass & Growlers Factory