Draught Beer Dispensing Systems – Beer Line Equipment | Glass and Growlers

Beer Line Cleaning Kits
Our selection of beer line cleaning equipment includes kits, cleaning solutions, and accessories. Keep your beer line system clear and clean to ensure you are serving the best beer

Beer Line Cleaning Chemicals
Our state-of-the-art beer line cleaners for draft beer systems keep your beer tasting like it’s fresh from the brewery!

Beer Line Hose (Beer & Gas)
Our selection of hoses & tubing for beer dispensers is brewery-approved and safe for use as a beer line!

Keg Beer Tools & Accessories
Our quality, industry-tested beer keg equipment includes tools, brushes, thermometers, and many other accessories to keep your kegs in tip-top shape!

Kegerator Conversion Kits
Save money by converting an existing refrigerator into a draft beer dispensing kegerator! Kegerator Conversion Kits are easy to install. Draft beer is about 1/2 the cost of cans.

Our kegerators are suitable for residential and commercial use, and we carry some of the best kegerator brands on the market!

Commercial Keg Refrigerators
Our keg refrigerators are commercial-grade kegerator units meant to cool and dispense entire kegs of beer.

Bar Commercial Refrigerators
Micro Matic carries a huge selection of commercial beer coolers and bar refrigerators, including refrigerators, back bar refrigerators, bottle coolers, glass frosters, & more!

Draft Beer Towers
Complement your bar or home and set the mood with the web’s largest selection of draft beer towers. Take pride in your pours and choose the best beer tap tower for you!

Beer Taps (Faucets) & Shanks
Check out our awesome selection of beer taps, beer shanks, beer faucets, and other beer tap equipment and add style to your kegerator or draft beer towers!

Beer Drip Trays
We carry a large selection of beer drip trays, including wall-mounted, surface-mounted, and beveled edge, available in PVD brass and stainless steel. Keep your bar surfaces clean!

Keg Beer System Fittings
MicroMatic has all of the keg parts and fittings you need to get your draft beer kegs working properly and replace broken or missing parts.

Walk-In Cooler Accessories
Outfit your walk-in coolers with the best accessories on the market: MicroMatic PVC door stripping and shelves! Increase storage space and help seal your walk-in coolers.

Keg Taps Couplers
MicroMatic offers a full lineup of beer keg tap couplers, including couplers to fit any imported or domestic beer keg.

Beer Regulators
Our beer dispenser gas regulators come in several configurations, and you can choose nitrogen and CO2 regulators. Dispense keg beer with a properly regulated system!

Keg Beer Liquid Management
Our keg liquid management systems (including beer line FOB units) help prevent wasted beer by detecting and saving beer foam in the beer line.

Beer Gas Equipment
A gas blender will ensure beer quality and reduce pour costs. MicroMatic has the components to move your beer from keg to faucet!

Glycol Cooled Components
Keep your beer cool on its way to the faucet with our glycol beer cooling equipment. Our power packs and glycol beer chillers make for superior commercial beer cooling systems!

Air Cooled Components
Our air cooled draft beer dispensing systems include blowers, blower tubing and parts, keg insulation, and other accessories. Keep your beer kegs cooler for longer!

Underbar Equipment
Quality stainless steel underbar equipment is your total bar solution. It helps you outfit your bar with the best possible under bar equipment, including underbar sinks.

Commercial Ice Makers
Our commercial ice machines and ice makers are perfect for large & small events, indoors & out. We even carry top brands, like Hoshizaki ice makers.

Automatic Glass Washer
Commercial – Under the counter high temperature Glass / Dish Washers. Constructed of high quality 304 Stainless Steel

Beer Glass Cleaning
Use Beer Clean beer glass cleaning supplies for a truly clean beer glass. Your beer will taste as good as the brewer intended–standard dish detergents affect the taste of beer.